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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ladies Tailor 2

In spite of shamefully exposing my breasts to 2 strangers I was getting turned on a bit. my brown nipples underneath the blouse were betraying me already. I can feel them getting erected with Raj's fingers gently and subtly fondling the underside of my breast all in the pretext of shifting and re-positioning the tapes- very professionally indeed. Ganesh asked , ' Uncle , could I please take the next measurement then?'. Raj nodded to him without even looking at me. He removed the tape out and handed it to Ganesh and said ' Now go behind chithra madam and marking the centre of her back align the tape to the centre of her blouse in the front side (he professionally avoided using the word breasts or any of its equivalent!!) to measure the cup-size' . With a triumphant look of a kid that earned a candy bar, Ganesh took the inch tape and inched closer to me. He circled it behind me while Raj stepped aside and watched him carefully. Ganesh's hands were still cold from holding the jug containing cold water. when his fingers rested on my back to place the tape I could feel the chillness reaching through my blouse to my spine. I shivered a bit. He meticulously brought the tape around me and rested it on the centre. He was happy with the progress he made so far and was shifting the tape slightly up & down right over my now erect nipples. I was watching him do that to me with hands lifted above. At one point he came close to my armpit to check the tape and smelt the mixed aroma of my sweat and perfume and sniffed a bit so openly making me feel uncomfortable. Now Raj told him to tighten the tape saying that the positioning is correct. He tightened it to the point of obscenely pressing my boobs and lingered his fingers over the tape right on my pointed right nipple studying it closely. I felt like dying out of shame right there, since , if not anything - because of all this, my nipples were getting stiffer by the minute and both the men can clearly see this from the close range through my translucent blouse. All I could do was shut my eyes tight which I did. I feebly said.. 'Could you finish it up soon?'. Raj answered with his now trademark coolness..'Relax madam , we will do a pucca & perfect job for you..' with that he took over from Ganesh and proceeded to take the actual measurements saying , 'when it comes to reading the tape - I trust my own eyes and nothing else!' - another display of professionalism to make me feel *better*.. (instead he was succeeding in making me *wetter* down there!).Of course he hadn't failed to caress both my nipples - first gently and then with some pressure on.

He took the tape off and told the measurement to Ganesh .'I have an idea madam, Ganesh bring that model piece back-less one from the store' . with that he sent Ganesh. He said, 'madam , you have to try one of these models to verify the shape and size. After measuring your sizes, I just remembered that I have something of almost the same size.' Ganesh just came back with the blouse.’ Madam try this please.. ' he handed me a nice looking silky backless blouse with lots of strings. I felt that it was a fair thing to try that stuff to get a first hand feel about it before deciding to go for the model .'madam here is our try room' , he showed me to a small room. There were just mirrors and nothing else on all sides. When he saw me looking at the mirrors , with a smile , he said 'for y(our) viewing pleasure'. and turned to leave, and absently mentioned to me - 'oh madam , to get the correct picture please try it without your brassiere, and careful pls.. the floor is wet still.. Ganesh just cleaned it '. with that Raj left.

When I locked the room first thing , I took my pallu off the shoulder, but realized that I couldn't drop it on the floor, so I bunched it up and tucked it in my hip and continued to unhook my blouse. I managed to remove my blouse off completely and only then realized that there isn't any place in that room to hang it. I was first surprised then annoyed. I opened the door to peek my head out. I couldn't find anyone. I was wondering what to do. after a few seconds Ganesh came by and looked amused to see my head popping out of the change room and came towards me. 'Any problem madam ?' he asked. I told him about the lack of hangers and he replied that the carpenter had taken the hanger out with him for some repair that morning and smiled at me. ' I can take the blouse and hang it in the cup-board next door if u want' he offered. I thought about it a bit . 'Don't worry madam .. it's only next door' , he added with an outstretched hand. I sighed and handed him my blouse. He took and was standing still there . I looked at him questioningly. He said 'Your brassiere too .... madam'. I thought for a bit now.. I was very reluctant to give away my brassiere , at the same time there wasn't a place I could keep it without spoiling it and making it wet & dirty. He told once again , 'it is okay madam and gave a big smile '. I told him to wait and closed the door and unsnapped the hook at the back and took it off, opened the door covering myself with the pallu and peeked my head out to see him standing right at the door close to me . 'Here .. I gave him the bra and noticed that he was looking beyond me at the mirror while taking it from me. He was getting an eyeful of the side view of my naked boob from the side through the reflection from one of the mirrors behind me and was smiling (thinking of his fortune perhaps ) . I had shut the door quickly.

I lowered my pallu, wrapped it one more time around and tucked it on my hip. I started trying this model blouse and just then noticed that I would definitely need a second pair of hands to secure all those knots at my back. I managed to wear both the shoulders of the blouse and was thinking about what to do to tie it from behind. About the same time , there was a knock on the door and Raj asked from outside if everything was fine. I said I am having a problem and opened the door to peek my head out. 'I don't know how to tie these... .and let the sentence trail. He nodded understandingly and pushed the door wider saying ' here... let me help you. this is typical problem with backless ones' and came in. He told me to turn around and presumably looked engrossed in his work while trying to tie the knots on my bare back.. His hands were all over my bare back in his attempt to tie zig zag knots. He was trying to pull the last 2 strings together and since it was too tight making me Vince in pain a bit. 'am sorry madam' . he said , 'it is too tight. my mistake ' he was undoing the knots while speaking , 'I shall bring the next size in a min.' , but for that I need the current size as they are almost the same ' and with that in one whisk he turned me around to face him and tugged the tight choli off my shoulder in one surprisingly quick motion and it came down to my braces in his powerful yank. He gently took the silk blouse off me leaving me standing in daze. He made no attempt to look at my naked breasts as I shrieked and covered them up , ad stood there dumb. He left the room before I said anything. I was confused by this and thought that he must be a true gentleman and these must have been a part of his day to day job

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